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Kaspersky Lab alerts of the new version of scam

Scammers launched a new scheme using AliExpress. – they are sending texts about gifts. A journalist from RIA Novosti received one of them. “You received a present from AliExpress,” the message said. The link took him to a third-party website that had only a formal resemblance to the site of eCommerce marketplace.

A content analyst at Kaspersky Lab Tatiana Sidorina said to RIA Novosti that over 20 suspicious websites that mention AliExpress have recently emerged on the Internet.

“These are the stub pages where only a handful of the items are filled in. They are registered to someone for a short term. They can be used by scammers in the future to attempt phishing scams,” Sidorina explained. The number of such websites will grow by Black Friday, or Cyber Monday. “By this time, users will be more active on the Internet, and it will be easier for fraudsters to hide behind the piling volume of ads,” the expert warned.

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