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Alikhanov Anton
Governor of Kaliningrad region.
Zаid Hamzah
General Director of Asia Law Exchange, expert in ICT, cyber security, legal analytics and strategic management of intellectual capital.
Brusnikina Valeria
Deputy General Director of n’RIS and Vice President of IPChain Association.

Krichevsky Andrey

President of IPChain Association, General Director of CRSEA.
David Chang C.W.
Deputy Director of ITC School of Laws
Eric GAN Kok Wah
Director of the Intellectual Property and Innovative Management Program of Singapore University of Social Sciences.
Matveev Sergey
President of the Intellectual Property Federation.
Maxim Proksh
Adviser of the Chairperson of Skolkovo Foundation for Intellectual Property Issues and Chairperson of the Board of IPChain Association.
Chaykovsky Alexandr
Composer, pianist, People's artist of the Russian Federation, Professor, Chairperson of the Composition Department of the Moscow State Conservatory, Art Director of the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic Hall, Vice President of the Authors’ Board of the Russian Authors’ Society All-Russia Non-Profit Organization, Honorary President of the Board of the Russian Union of Composers and Chairperson of the panel of judges of the award final stage.
Gerasimova Irina

Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation, CEO, Artistic Director of the Russian State TV and Radio Music Centre (RGMTs), Academician of the Russian Academy of Radio and member of the final panel of judges.
Paul NEO

Chief Operating Officer, SAL
Executive Director, SAL Ventures Ltd
Daria Lipatova
Head of International Acceleration Programs, Skolkovo Foundation