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The IPChain Association and the Skolkovo Foundation will host a round table


The International Forum for Intellectual Property Global IP Exchange in Berlin: Day 3

Today, at the Global IP Exchange International Forum on Intellectual Property in Berlin, the IPChain Association and the Skolkovo Foundation hosted a round table dubbed “New types of intangible assets and intellectual property”.

Which types of intellectual property assets and other non-material assets exist? Do intangible assets have a real economic value? How can they get commercialized?

How will the development of digital technologies affect the IP sphere?

The leading Russian and international experts, including the president of the IPChain Association Andrei Krichevsky, manager of the CO-FI digital crowlending platform Alexander Sukhotin, the advocate  and the partner of Torsten Kraul Lawyer Associated Partner Practice, patent attorney and intellectual property attorney Matthew Yospin, representative of the Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Internet (Internet Ombudsman), the head of the Radius Group Dmitry Marinichev.


The discussion will be moderated by Anton Pronin, director of the Center for Legal Technologies of the Skolkovo Foundation.

There are a few minutes left before the beginning of the round table. We’re waiting for the news impatiently!