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The first day of the Global IP Exchange 2019 is coming to an end in Berlin


Monday, March 11. The Global IP Exchange will bring together the leading experts and the heads of major companies for the discussion of the patent right. Kenneth Seddon, the head of the non-commercial organization LOT Network, shared his views on the protection of patent holders against the common fraud schemes. The goal of the organization is building up an infrastructure to integrate the participants of the patent market as well as protect their interests. Jan de Visser, senior director at Philips Group, tackled upon the pressing issue of protecting the brand identity both in the digital and offline environment. The expert said that exclusive models inevitably become an object of fraud, and “only a coordinated interaction of producers and venues can potentially protect has the potential of protection of intellectual property objects.”

The business program of the first day of the Global IP Exchange finished with the speech by Björn Ulmer, Managing Director of PatentSight GmbH, who discussed the impact of digitalization on the patent market and put a special focus on the trend towards a new globally connected ecosystem in this market.

The Forum featured networking sessions and informal encounters. The representatives of the IPChain carried out a number of strategic meetings, including discussion of the prospects of partnership with the major producer of SAP software, Software AG company, the second major developer in Germany, the high-end electronics engineering company Baumer and the leading manufacturer of software and hardware for computer-based audio production Native Instruments.

According to the executive director of the IPChain Association Grigory Turintsev, potential partners are interested in the scope uncovered by the IPChain infrastructure in monetization aspect for intellectual property assets. The participants of the market need “a general platform for interaction, a single point of contact.”

The event is organized under the aegis of the IPChain Association.