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IPChain and Ministry of Computerization, Communications and Mass Media of Dagestan agreed on cooperation in the field of intellectual property protection


Russia. Sochi, February 15, 2019. IPChain Association (National Coordination Centre for Processing of Transactions with the Intellectual Property Rights and Items) and Ministry of Computerization, Communications and Mass Media of the Republic of Dagestan signed the agreement on strategic partnership in the field of intellectual property legal protection, security and management. The signing ceremony took place on February 15 at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi. 

“The main purpose of our partnership with the Republic of Dagestan – development of the intellectual property institute in conditions of transition to digital economy, improvement of the state and republican policy in the field of the intellectual property regulation as well as efficient integration of public companies and enterprises of Dagestan into the establishment of the national market of intellectual rights” – said Grigory Turintsev, the Executive Director of IPChain Association.  

According to his words, the signed agreement and resulting cooperation will contribute to increase in investments in intangible assets through involvement of new players and formation of transparent intellectual property market both for participants and investors. Moreover, the speaker noted thattoday many subjects of the Russian Federation, including Dagestan, pay proper attention to improvement of the digital potential, which increases investment attractiveness of regions and promotes development of industrial clusters”. 

In return, Sergey Snegirev, the Minister of Computerization, Communications and Mass Media of the Republic of Dagestan said about the importance of the cooperation agreement with IPChain for the Republic: 

“Today Dagestan is on the way to development of the comprehensive legal course to introduce the intellectual property sector to new markets and ensure transition to maximum transparency of all processes. However, I would like to underline that for the benefit of citizens, business, society and economy of the Republic in general it is important to move in this direction gradually. Our task is to elaborate the integrated plan for gradual introduction of innovative approaches and modern infrastructural solutions offered by IPChain, which will allow the development of the uniform transparent structured intellectual property market”.  

The Head of the Ministry of Computerization, Communications and Mass Media of the Republic of Dagestan expressed the concern that currently “national content” – intellectual activity products made in the Republic – are actively used but rarely monetized.  According to Sergey Snegirev, the interests of rightholders need more reliable protection, and they themselves – the system of just compensation. 

“Today Dagestan to some extent remains invisible for participants of the intellectual property global market. We expect that digital infrastructural solutions, developed by IPChain, will let the Dagestan authors go beyond the narrow national market to the national and then to international intellectual property market and enjoy extended opportunities for capitalization of the intellectual activity results and attraction of investments. Integration in the intellectual property global market – an important prospective for Dagestan, especially in view of transition to digital economy” – said Sergey Snegirev 

The parties agreed on mutual support and cooperation and expressed the hope to see the first results of transformation of the intellectual property market in Dagestan in the near future.