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IPChain Association supported the Open Innovations Startup Tour stage


IPChain Association supported the Open Innovations Startup Tour stage 

Russia, Omsk, February 15, 2019. IPChain Association acted as co-organizer of the largest startup of Skolkovo Foundation to be held in ten regions of Russia. 

IPChain Association (National Coordination Centre for Processing of Transactions with the Intellectual Property Rights and Items) has become the official partner and co-organizer of one of the large-scale projects in Russia and CIS for development of the technological business and identification of prospective innovative projects Open Innovations Startup Tour “Digital Region” ‘19, another stage of which ended in Omsk.  

According to Mikhail Bass, the tour speaker and member of the panel of judges of Open Innovations Startup Tour “Digital Region” ‘19 competition, Chief Lawyer of IPChain Association, Startup Tour unites cities with large educational institutions or business incubators, in other words, the startup development platforms. At the same time, the specialists with unique experience in different areas participate in the event. For the first-time businessmen this is the real opportunity to learn something new and get feedback about the business project. Startups often face “domestic” problems: where to take money, how to ensure legal protection of intellectual property etc. The tour makes it possible to get answers to these questions and adopt the experience”.  

Within the framework of education program of the ended Omsk stage of the regional competition, Mikhail Bass read the lecture “IPChain: new opportunities for the intellectual property legal support”. “Talked with the audience about intellectual property and its importance for startups, about new results of intellectual activity, obtained due to transition to new technologies and about recommendations, which we may give to startups regarding legal protection of  creative products” – said the expert. 

The speaker draw attention to the opportunities for legal protection of creative products resulting from application of new technologies. According to the expert, in connection with the protection such creative products nowadays face difficulties, which, luckily, can be resolved. “There is a kind of legal uncertainty with respect to a number of creative products. “In view of such uncertainty the blockchain services for the intellectual property items of IPChain, which ensure both the legal protection and additional options such as fund raising, commercialization of results etc.,  can be helpful for businessmen” – explained Bass. 

Mikhail Bass also shared the impressions about the work of the panel of judges of the project competition in IT cluster, underlining that projects of competitors were selected based on “drive” principle, degree of idea elaboration and the extent to which the technical solutions of competitors intersect with the advanced technologies. 

There were three areas within the frameworks of the innovative startup competition: IT track, industrial and power technologies track and the track of biotechnology in medicine and agriculture. There were 31 projects from Omsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Yaroslavl and Pavlodar in semi-final. 

The grand prize of the Startup Tour Omsk stage – 300 thous. rubles – based on results of the grand final was awarded to Anton Smetanin for “Caries-Preventive Gels” project. The winners in each area – Anton Smetanin, Aleksey Fedorov with the “Installation for Surface Texturing with Micropits” project and Dmitry Abramov, representing Speechki project, were awarded special prizes from IPChain Association – certificates of membership in n’RIS club and the right to deposit an intellectual property item. 

The next stage of Open Innovations Startup Tour “Digital Region” ‘19 will take place in the South of Russia: the innovative project competition will be held in Stavropol on February 27 and 28.